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Modulo is a standalone push-to-talk app built on the VoiceLayer platform.

Modulo is FirstNet certified.

FirstNet Certified

Unparalleled functionality and flexibility

VoiceLayer platform features

Developer integrations

Developer integrations

iOS and Android SDKs, JavaScript/Web SDK
Server APIs- REST and GraphQL


Strong encryption for
QUIC, X25519, and AES_128_GCM; or TLS 1.2, ECDHE_RSA with P-256, and AES_128_GCM
AES-256, with key itself encrypted with regularly rotating master key
On-Premise server

On-Premise server

Install with Docker containers using the provider VoiceLayer images.
Provides an administrator interface, simple install scripts, and clear documentation.
 capabilities, including without internet
IP-Radio gateway

IP-Radio gateway

Connect smartphones and
land mobile radio
Works with all conventional and trunked radio technologies. Utilizes a VoiceLayer gateway application available on Windows, Mac and Linux. ‘SiteCast’ and rack-mounted ‘SafetyNET’ VoiceLayer-tested gateway hardware is available from Critical RF
Fine-grained audio management on mobile

Fine-grained audio management on mobile

Bluetooth management tools (audio tones, SCO connection). Management of app backgrounding and interaction with other audio apps
Powerful server-side audio management

Powerful server-side audio management

Admin management of stored messages. Ability to transcode to .WAV, for download or speech recognition
Extensive messaging and GPS functionality

Extensive messaging and GPS functionality

Storage of historical messages. Integrated text messaging and file-sharing. GPS tracking and 'breadcrumb' history
More valuable features and benefits

More valuable features and benefits

Multi-datacenter infrastructure, for low-latency worldwide. Application-level source code for mobile apps and web dispatch

Best in class technology

Infrastructure and transport


Telco-grade infrastructure

Fault-tolerant and
Within and across data centers
. Built on the Erlang Run-Time System developed by Ericsson©
Used by:
Facebook Messenger
Amazon AWS


Superior transport protocol

Built with QUIC for optimal performance on 
poor connections
Reliable packet transmission, like TCP
Zero round-trip handshake, like UDP
Efficient packet-loss management
Inherently multi-path for network handoff
Built and used by Google©
Becoming IETF® standard

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