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Billed MonthlyBilled Annually (Save 15%)
Number of UsersPrice User/Month
1 to 500$4.25$4.99
500 to 1000$2.55$3.49
1000 to 1500$2.00$2.35
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Price User/Month
(Billed Monthly)(Billed Annually)
*For admin management of historical messages
Voxer Business©
Price User/Month
(Billed Monthly)(Billed Annually)

Live and historical 'breadcrumb' location-mapping functionality included free

On-premise infrastructure available with the same pricing (for 200+ users)

Admin management of historical messages available as premium function

IP-Radio Gateways charged separately, and gateway hardware required.
VoiceLayer-tested gateways and rack-mounted-gateways

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